We honor the circles of women who have been gathering in this way for thousands of years. We remember the ancient Temple lineages. We integrate ancient technology with modern wisdom.  

As the Awakened Woman we remember that Temples are portals to the mystery. Beyond mere physical structure, beyond the control matrix of religion and the illusion of media. We experience the gnosis (direct experience of embodied wisdom) that where the feminine gathers, the Temple stands. 

We come to the Temple to integrate, reclaim and celebrate our sexuality and feminine essence as sacred. 

We Are Remembering

The temple lineages, natural laws and mysteries of high magic are in our epigenetics whether we know it yet or not. Our body is wise and knows what she desires, but many of us forgot how to listen to her at the deepest level. This work is not about learning. Here, we unlearn to evoke our remembering. 

We Are Tuning Our Instruments

We have all been given a sacred guidance system we refer to as our body. We tune this guidance system to her original blueprint so we can trust our turn-on guide us home. We fully occupy our instrument and clear our channel so the primordial current of life-force moves through us freely.

We Listen To Our Gnosis (Embodied Wisdom)

Gnosis arises from the present moment experience where the consciousness meets the direct experience of our body. The habitual mind is invited to rest as we drop in and let the body lead. By following the truth of our bodies, we release the programs of the past and move in a new way.

We Are Discerning

To cultivate an impeccable field, we hone our skills of discernment. We build the capacity to share our boundaries and desires clearly. We listen deeply and address any noise that distracts us from what we are here to do. The way we hold our field (both individually and collectively) makes us trustable.

We Acknowledge There Are Many Ways In

Nothing is unreachable. Nothing is inaccessible. Anything can be healed and integrated when we are willing to perpetually disrupt whatever pattern we’re in. If we feel stuck, we are not lost or broken, we are being asked to open to a curious, creative spirit and find a new way in. If one way is not working, try something unordinary and radically different.

We Amplify And Hold Magic

Structures are made to hold magic. If ever the structure obstructs magic, it’s time for the structure to transform. We consciously dismantle any system that diminishes magic (starting with our own personal identities). With the raw materials, we cultivate an ecosystem that stewards the natural flow of magic.

Awakened Woman is a body of work and community that supports the modern woman to turn on her life.

Bringing deeper connection, embodiment and aliveness through online courses, products, and curated virtual and in-person Temple gatherings. Our curriculum is designed to ecstatically awaken and embody our feminine essence.

It. Is. Time. 

Women who have taken a course receive an invitation to join our thriving Facebook community.

In this Temple, you will find a practical initiation through multi-faceted feminine education and ritual in a synthesis of ancient lineages of magic, modern neuroscience, somatic psychology, Tantric and Taoist philosophy and ritual, quantum field theory and sensual embodiment.

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