Your Starting Point

Sensual Body Path

For the woman who nurtures everyone but herself or misses feeling sexy and connected to her beloved body.

This path is for the woman who is ready to prioritize herself. She is listening to the yearn in her heart to come home to herself and feel her juicy feminine essence flowing and alive inside her. She is ready to take care of herself in a way that she maybe never has before.

Your body is your sanctuary. Are you enjoying it or ignoring it? Dynamics of performing, self-sacrifice, disconnection, and discomfort or fear about one’s own pleasure runs rampant in our culture. It’s common for women to think their turn-on and direct experience doesn’t matter. This is an enormous disservice to everyone in this woman’s life. You deserve to fill your cup first, and give from the overflow.

Important Distinction of the Body Path

Doing, pretending and performing vs. being in sensual feminine essence

Doing embodiment is all over the internet. It’s performative and disconnected to how it feels. You can go through the motions of what someone says you should do… but that’s what you’re here to stop right? Women are told to show up a certain way and to be obedient and put a fake smile on and look pretty.

Being is about how it feels. We start from the inside and reconnect with the deepest truth inside you and then expand your range of being with all parts of yourself. Your body really is a wonderland and your remembering of that is essentia

Feminine Essence is a set of guided rituals and embodiment practices and teachings to support you in reconnecting with yourself, your sensuality, and your desire, with your innate and unique version of sexy that lights you up from the inside.

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