Your Starting Point

Gourmet Pleasure Path

For the woman who is not interested in fast food pleasure and desires to connect to her multi-dimensional pleasure of her cervix.

This path is for the woman who is ready to explore the potential of her pleasure and eros. She is ready to harness the power source from the throne of her feminine essence – her yoni.

The cervix and it’s waves of O’s teach us to attune to the subtlety of sustainable pleasure. If you haven’t deeply practiced with your cervix yet, even if you’ve never thought about it, this journey is a full-spectrum set of rituals and teachings to open and connect with this great internal teacher. If you’re here, you are curious about what magic is on the other side of your cervical awakening.

An Important Distinction of Pleasure

Pleasure seeking vs. being turned on by the truth

Pleasure seeking is searching for the quick fix, quick hit, high sensation, peak experience of climax in orgasm and in life. Awakened Woman doesn’t teach this. In fact, it’s something we support you with unlearning. Pleasure seeking is an avoidance of reality.

Being turned on by the truth is being receptive and open to meet the strokes of life’s paintbrush as the full spectrum of multidimensional O’s. When you build your capacity to hold more sensation and attune to the energetic subtlety, life becomes a “wave-gasm” that ebbs and flows in your intimacy and your everyday experience.

My relationship with my O has been one of my greatest teachers in life. It’s an awakening path. A place to tap into flow, receive deeper truths from your soul, open to your higher self and the source of all that is.

In Supple Cervix you prime and open the yoni as the portal and connect with the cervix as the gateway, the oracle, and the inception point that the primordial current of life-force flows through.

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