Your Starting Point

True Feminine Power Path

For the woman who is ready to balance her masculine and feminine and surprise herself with the potency of her turned on feminine.

This path is for the woman who is ready to become acquainted with her feminine expression and leadership beyond socially conditioned ideas of what being feminine is.

Typical social conditioning does not value the feminine, so to be successful and valued in the modern world, many women unconsciously disown and reject parts of their feminine nature.

This has a huge cost. It leaves women feeling unfulfilled, flat, stuck in their head and in their masculine. If you’re here you are ready to know the radiance of true feminine power.

Important Distinction of Feminine Power

Masculine Force vs Feminine Power

Being in your masculine and forcing outcomes that you never let yourself fully receive the bounty of is like eating the cardboard packaging and not the food inside. Many women have built empires and the image of the perfect life with this strategy. But they are drained, burned out, overworked and spiritually suffering because they are missing the nourishment of their own feminine energy.

Feminine power with balanced masculine energy is the dream team that works together as the unstoppable inner union. With alignment and creativity that lights you up from the inside out. Listening and allowing the massive force inside to create instead of pushing and burning out.

Feminine Reclamation is a body of work to support you with dissolving distortion in the way of re-connecting to your true feminine. Step-by-step practices and teachings to land you in the throne of your feminine power.

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