A FREE Live 3-Day Event
with Jamie Elizabeth Thompson


Gush begins in...​

GUSH empowers you to experience
full erotic arousal during sex
& to radiantly flow through life with a
well-nourished, lit-up pussy.

As women, our relationship with our pussy is one of the most important relationships in our lives.

But we are falsely conditioned by media, porn, religion and traditional Sex-Ed.

Unfortunately, many women do not know what full erotic arousal feels like– with or without a partner. Their pussies are numb, undernourished, or in pain.

Other women are just happy to have a climax every now and then.

Your erotic feminine arousal and your gushing pussy are exponentially more vast than a 10-second climax!!!

It’s a full-body, ecstatic connection with your deepest divine self that transforms your whole life.

GUSH is here to support you:

💦 Heal your relationship with your pussy

💦 Expand your orgasmic potential

💦 Ignite your erotic awakening

💦 Experience joy bubbling up from your soul

What happens inside Gush?

3 LIVE Transmissions & 3 Guided Rituals to Rejuvenate & Awaken Your Pussy

💦 Day One – Pussy as Beloved
Revive the mystical power of your pussy

💦 Day Two – Pussy as Oracle
Receive your ecstatic channel of divine wisdom

💦 Day Three – Pussy as Portal
Reinvent your relationship to your erotic nature, arousal, & orgasm

💦 Private Community Space
Ask questions and be in a supportive environment with other aligned women on the path

*In Gush I will share the opportunity to join us the 6-week Pussy Portal
container to awaken your cervical orgasm.
We begin October 4th.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Yes. Gush is a FREE event happening inside our new community space. We look forward to welcoming you there.

*You will need to set up your login in order to receive the link to the sessions or to watch the replays.

If you don’t know my work yet and you’re not a clear yes to joining, I recommend checking out my content on Instagram and Facebook to feel your clear resonance before you join.

This event is for emotionally mature adults who want to do this work with other adults and are ready to take responsibility for their power of creator consciousness.

There is no guru here to save you. We make no claims this will feel like a ‘safe space’ for everyone. This is for people who are ready to hold their safety as their responsibility.

If you have active & severe unprocessed trauma it’s recommended to seek somatic therapy or other healing modalities prior to doing this work.

To participate in the live event – yes. If you are more than 5 minutes late you won’t be let in. You can still watch the replay.

It’s requested you be on video and have your name on video at the beginning of the call. All videos will be off for the rituals.

Yes. Only one person per zoom room, please. Each participant will need to enroll separately and attend via their own personal device.

No. By registering for this temple, you agree to keep this recording for your private viewing and not share it with others publicly or privately. 

The full recordings will be available to all women who register. Personal shares will never be shared publicly, outside the Awakened Woman community space.

Gush begins in...


Gush is a FREE event hosted inside the new
Awakened Woman community space.

*Replays are available inside the community space