Learn the key to staying in your turn-on, pleasure, and feminine radiance in the most high-stakes moments like expressing your desires or making love with your partner or on a date with a man you are REALLY into.

Emotional Eros Alchemy is part of a mini-workshop inside the Awakened Woman Membership to teach women how to turn “negative” emotions into turn-on, aliveness, and pleasure.

This workshop includes:
 🍯 3 live 2-hour sessions with me
 🍯 7 daily alchemy practices
 🍯 Q&A with me
🍯 Supportive sisterhood

Come on in for a taste of this workshop on Alchemy and test out the whole membership.

The Awakening Woman’s Guide To Living A Turned-On Life:

Soul-quenching Intimacy, Love, & Pleasure...

Feminine Magnetism, Essence, & Full-Range Embodiment...

Epic Love that is Better and Better, Forever and Ever...

This membership includes Live Support & Training on Embodied Feminine Arts

Turn On Your Magnetic Feminine Attractor Field

Release Your ‘Good Girl’ Programming

Turn Heartbreak Into Deeper Love

Invite Your Man Into His ‘King’

Awakening Your Pleasure

Cervical Dearmoring & Big Cervical O

Become ‘The One’ & Magnetize Your Man

Embody Your Deep Feminine Power & Gnosis

A Message From Jamie...

Come home to yourself and your power through a spiritual, erotic, embodied approach to feminine awakening & aliveness. We grow together, in a community of aligned women.

My social media accounts are being censored and could be shut down at any time. I’m acknowledging that one day I may not be on social media at all anymore.

If you have been curious about working with me, this is the most affordable way to get a taste. For a limited time, I’m offering half-price for the founding circle.

Come Inside & Receive...

  • Themed Workshops: Current Theme is Emotional Eros Alchemy
  • Live Monthly Community Sessions on Tuesdays at 12:00 pm PST or 4:00 pm PST to receive direct support from Jamie & experience the exponential power of live ritual
  • Monthly ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions held by Jamie
  • Library of Guided Rituals, Practices, and pre-recorded videos
  • Supportive sisterhood of aligned women
  • Q&A access to Jamie in a dedicated, private Membership Space
  • ‘Members Only’ rates on courses

Words From Women Who Have Come Before You....

Kristin Love Thumb
“I was feeling shut down, confused, and I didn't know which way to go. After being in Jamie's field, I can honestly say I have never experienced such a large amount of growth in such a short period of time. I have an overall sense of well-being and clarity, and confidence to step out into the dating world as who I really am after this work.”
Faye C.
Real Estate Appraiser
"Working with Jamie in this group has transformed my marriage. By shedding old patterns of control, I felt a huge leap in my ability to communicate my desire,. She has an ingenious approach to embodied FEMININE communication. I am grateful for the way my husband responds to me now."
Amma Li Grace
"Being part of this community was fulfilling and enlightening. The support we gave each other was indescribable. Discovering my feminine power and setting her free has changed my life forever. My new energy brought an amazing man into my life and our relationship is pure magic. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this group!"
Carla R.
Project Engineer
"With Jamie's support, I learned to tune into my deepest truth, love myself unconditionally, and connect with my unapologetic power.. I went through a metamorphosis. I’m unrecognizable, and yet more of my true self. I recommend this work to anyone who wants to grow into who they know they are, but isn't sure how to get there.""




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