Erotic Muse

Invoke The Power Of The Muse

Embody The Full Spectrum Of Being A Woman.

“I was suffering from disconnection from my body and my turn-on—faking orgasms and performing my pleasure instead of fully feeling it.”

“I was a high performer relying heavily on my masculine and I want to make more space for my sensuality and feminine power.”

“I was done settling and was seeking the pathway to the deep well of my erotic feminine life force.”

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of supportive women already on the Awakened Woman path to experience the multi-faceted diamond of your turn on and gently liberate your sacred, wild, naughty, sensual sex tiger from her cultural cage. Upper-limits are shattered in this sisterhood of epic women. This journey includes six live zoom calls facilitated with Jamie’s laser guidance to help you deepen your unique sensual embodiment.

This is a course for all feminine beings who want to turn on their life.
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Begins October 6th, 2021
5 month deep dive with Jamie
In this group you get all the tools you need to live a turned-on life:
  • Learn guided taoist, tantric and mystic sexual energy cultivation techniques that supercharge your ability to harness your sexual energy which often leads to full-body, multiple orgasms.
  • Reconnect your spirituality to your sexuality and tap into the mysterious power of the erotic feminine genius.
  • Experience the ultimate permission field to explore the full range expression of the feminine in a supportive sisterhood.
  • Receive alchemical ritual practices to make love to all the parts of yourself you thought weren’t lovable or worthy.
  • Wake up dormant pleasure through vaginal strengthening and articulation, activating you natural turn-on in everyday life.
  • Embrace and amplify the power of your natural feminine moon cycle and rhythms.
  • Learn how to feel safe in your body as a sexual being, access your primal intelligence, and embody your wild side with confidence



"When I started the Erotic Muse Course I felt a block and disconnection to my sexual self. I carried a burden that my lack of sexual desire was coming between my husband and myself after ten years of marriage. After these six weeks of working with Jamie and eleven other women a new life has emerged within my being. An awareness of my sexuality and the ability to communicate openly has left me with a new love for my body and her desires. There are many things that this course did for me, but most importantly it gave me a new propose, an amazing support system and a whole new approach to sex that is intoxicating."
"As I’ve matured (61 years young), I found that my feminine energy and sensuality had dissipated. I wanted to reignite my energy and rekindle my desire. Jamie’s course was the answer and I’m thrilled with the six-week experience. I had learned to be sexy or erotic for my lovers at the expense of myself. I reclaimed my femininity, fell in love with myself, and found my inner sacred goddess. Through the course I received permission to play full-out to find my inner essence through sensual dance, ritual movement, and guided meditation. I’m listening to my inner goddess and expressing my feminine needs in a new way. I feel more connected to my desire. So instead of playing the role of a sexy lover, I am fully immersed in feeling my body connect to his body in a spiritual erotic kind of way instead of the physical routine that played out previously in the bedroom. Put it this way, since the course, love-making is out of this universe!"
Lori W.
Philanthropist & Volunteer
"I took the Erotic Muse course with the intention of connecting more with my feminine energy. Jamie had us connect with a different muse (aspect of our inner-feminine) every week, and gave us the tools to create our own daily ritual. I felt revitalized and it rippled into all areas of my life. I truly gained a confidence I didn’t even know I was missing! The group of women in my session were so beautiful and inspiring, and I have never felt so held and supported. I will forever be grateful not only for the benefits in my life, and for my daughters’ life as well!"
Lianne L.
Team Leader
"I entered this course with no idea on what to expect. The experience of being part of a strong feminine community was so fulfilling and enlightening… the way we supported each other - I have no words to describe. Discovering my own feminine muses, setting them free, has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The opening of my heart to self love, the freedom to just be, to feel, to be comfortable in my own skin. I am forever changed. This new energy attracted the most amazing man into my life. We have deep intimacy and passion. Our connection is from out of this world, the freedom in our intimacy is pure magic. So different from anything I have experienced. Thank you Jamie for this gift."
Carla R.
Project Engineer
"After taking the Erotic Muse course, I feel my value of my desires and have a new ability to express them. I wasn’t trying to meet someone special, but what do you know, out of nowhere men started showing up and now I have a meaningful and blossoming connection. Whether this works out or not, I'm so grateful for this new way of being. I never had this level of open, honest conversations with boyfriends about intimacy and desire until now. I’m like, ‘take it or leave it’. I’m having an experience of true sovereignty."
Karen B.
Breathwork Facilitator
"This course empowered me to own my sexuality in a new way and my husband loves it! Recently, I had sex with my husband and didn't give a crap what he thought or wanted and just did what I wanted. I honestly never realized how much I was in my own head about what I should or shouldn't do until this course. It was so much fun to embrace my own power that way. And the best part was that HE also loved it. Even though I was only focusing on myself and what I wanted- WHO KNEW!?! Now we are making our way through Jamie’s framework for couples and having a blast. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to push beyond my comfort zone and uncover my own power. I stepped into my truth which has been bubbling under the surface for a long time. Seeing my truth among other amazing women and having them reflect it back to me was the medicine I craved and needed to confidently step into the next chapter in my life. A week after the course ended I was inspired to host my first women’s circle. Thirty women have already signed up. I know this is a calling and this course led me there."
Lindsay G.
COO & Business Owner
"I came to Jamie's 'Awakening Your Erotic Muse' course desiring to awaken my sensual essence and sexual power in a new way. I come from a Physical Therapy background, as well as alignment-based Yoga, so I was used to moving my body in very precise ways. The biggest breakthrough was the permission Jamie gave us in the sensual dances to move in a non-linear way, as it allowed and continues to allow me to feel more in my body in present time. Being someone whose tendency can sometimes be a freeze response, using this kind of movement to gently move energy and emotion through my body has been invaluable."
Dr. Somer Nicole
Doctor of Physical Therapy
"The most valuable gift I received through this course was permission to engage with and experience all aspects of my feminine self. Jamie and this group of women created a safe container to allow and encourage all feminine energies to flow. In that space I experienced and witnessed the immensity of my own power, alongside the beautifully strong power of the other women. Resistance and idleness have been hard to fight through. I’ve learned to give myself permission to continue to engage where there is resistance. And that feels like the journey I have just begun. Now I’m witnessing how all my ‘erotic muses’ have opportunities to show up in everyday situations. My work is to keep giving myself permission to let my feminine show up fully in those moments."
Sara K.




This Five-Week, Full-Spectrum Journey Includes:

Six, 90-minute, intimate live group calls led by Jamie. Part relevant transmission, part embodied practice and part group sharing for potent integration

Enjoy weekly mind-gasm videos overflowing with theory and philosophy and Jamie’s how-to sensual dance transmissions

Connect with each feminine muse through weekly guided rituals and yoni egg practices

Exercises to reprogram the patterns and beliefs that sabotage your natural sensuality and erotic freedom

Morning ritual tool belt practices to ground & deepen your feminine embodiment

Exclusive group thread to connect with the other women in your intimate group and get support


Adult women who are ready, willing and able to show up for themselves

Women who are seeking a revolutionary framework over a cookie-cutter formula

Women who want to experience the support of an expertly-curated group committed to celebrating and learning from the unique sensuality of each other

Women who are ready to shed the layers of shame, fear, inadequacy of the feminine pain body and breath life into their erotic feminine

Women who have the agency to explicitly ask for support if they need it, both inside and outside the Awakened Woman network

Women are are done with a fast-food sexuality and ready for gourmet erotic truth

Women who are ready to let go of the programing that their erotic expression is a performance for someone else’s pleasure


Women who are not willing or able to prioritize and participate in the live calls

Women who have severe, unresolved sexual trauma who have not processed their experiences in therapy or other healing modalities

Women who are stuck victim consciousness and unwilling to see an alternative narrative

Women who don’t have the tools to regulate themselves in emotional triggers (This group is incredibly supportive for the whole, which means Jamie does not allow one woman to take over the space in an uncontained process)

Women who are looking for mainstream tips on superficial sexiness

Women who are unwilling to be real



This five-week course will be released in February 2021. Sign up now to receive at 40% discount.

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