Feminine Essence

Your Sensual Sanctuary Is Within

Your feminine body is calling.


“I realized I have been self-sacrificing over and over again to serve everyone around me and I’m exhausted…”

“I haven’t enjoyed passionate intimacy with my husband in over a year...”

“I have been following someone else’s rules for so long, the voice of my desire was completely drown out...”

Life has asked you to give

and with your blood, sweat, and tears you delivered. Many times, you gave more than you had. The soil of your inner sanctuary is barren. And you’re tired of putting on a smile. Whether you’re just ready to live a little or you’re ready to blow up the whole game, there is a volcano of passionate life force within just waiting for you to say yes to yourself.

Tune into the wisdom of your body, turn on your inner fire and dance to the pulse of your pleasure with a combination of sensually embodied dance, psychosomatic repatterning (mind-body connection), and feminine embodiment ritual based in mysticism and Eastern and Western traditions.

Tune into the wisdom of your body, turn on your inner fire and dance to the pulse of your pleasure with a combination of sensually embodied dance, psychosomatic repatterning (mind-body connection), and feminine embodiment ritual based in mysticism, Eastern and Western traditions.

Your body is asking you to take care of her. To feel nourished, loved and...sexy.

We will explore:

  • How to move from the wisdom of your body to awaken your true feminine essence.
  • Self-love practices to make sensuality part of your daily routine.
  • Guided rituals to embody the eight archetypes of feminine expression. Revealing the range of your wild, sexy, seductive, soft, fierce, playful feminine nature.
  • Secrets of ancient temple  rituals to clear your womb and honor yourself.
  • How to set boundaries to support your self-care needs and sensual birthright.
  • How to release self-judgement and give yourself permission to be who you have always longed to be
  • How to invite your current partner to engage with the new you.
  • How to magnetize a romantic partner who sees and honors you.



“Every exercise and meditation resulted in some kind of personal transformation for me — an uncovering of aspects of my feminine that have long been buried and so desperately wanted to be revealed, experienced, energized! The movement and sensual dance elements were deeply pleasurable and powerful rituals for me, with in-the-moment releases of identity and shadow. This work opened doors within that I didn’t know had even been closed; and gave me the courage to step into a more whole, soft, courageous, self-loving woman, opening pathways of pleasure in every single part of my life."
Jennifer G.
"I was already connected to my body when a friend referred me to this course. It was divine timing. I was ready for more. I was unwinding a marriage of 12 years, coming home to myself, and deepening my desires. Jamie holds a piercing presence, with loving compassion, and sees into the heart of the matter. Her guidance helped me to connect even deeper with my body and desires though dance, practices, and ancient arts. This course offered me a complete remapping of my relationship to my feminine. It was healing to speak the truth of my desire. So much gold in Jamie’s container."
Angel G.
Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor
"I joined this course because after a couple years of inner work, I felt the next step was to look into my beliefs around femininity and sensuality. I let go of old stories of shame, giving myself permission to express my sensuality. I was able to release past trauma and found the power of my own seduction in my current relationship. It was mind-blowing. When my relationship started, I felt rigid and held back by old conditioning. Now I'm able to surrender into my feminine essence, I fully embraced parts of myself that were hidden with my partner. I walk around feeling lighter in my daily life, able to tap into my pleasure. I'm walking away knowing what I desire, feeling connected to my pleasure and confidence within."
Katie S.
Women's Coach
“When I started this course I was following someone else’s rules. During the course I broke free and stopped doing what I was “supposed to” do when it isn’t my truth. I feel my power, I feel safe, and started listening to my yoni and trusting my body’s wisdom. I reconnected my pleasure with my spirituality. This course gave me the confidence to leave a relationship I had grown out of."
Amy P.
"When I started this course I felt a block and disconnection to my sensual self. I carried a burden that my lack of sexual desire was coming between my husband and myself after ten years of marriage. A new life has emerged within my being. An awareness of my sensuality and the ability to communicate openly has left me with a new love for my body and her desires. There are many things that this course did for me, but most importantly it gave me a new purpose, an amazing support system and a whole new approach to intimacy that is intoxicating."
"As I’ve matured (61 years young), I found that my feminine energy and sensuality had dissipated. I wanted to reignite my energy and rekindle my desire. Jamie’s course was the answer. I had learned to be sexy for my lovers at the expense of myself. I reclaimed my femininity, fell in love with myself, and found my inner sacred goddess. Through the course I received permission to play full-out to find my inner essence through sensual dance, ritual movement, and guided meditation. I’m listening to my inner goddess and expressing my feminine needs in a new way. I feel more connected to my desire. So instead of playing the role of a sexy lover, I am fully immersed in feeling my body connect to his body in a spiritual sensual kind of way instead of the physical routine that played out previously in the bedroom. Put it this way, since the course, love-making is out of this universe!"
Lori W.
Philanthropist & Volunteer



This Five-Week, Full-Spectrum Journey Includes:

Nine audio-guided rituals to fall in love with your body

Indulge in weekly videos overflowing with theory and philosophy wrapped in Jamie’s playful transmissions

Beautifully designed visuals to deepen your understanding of the foundational concepts introduced throughout the course

Weekly Body Bliss Tool Belt practices to live the path of feminine embodiment

Homeplay downloads and Weekly Journaling exercises to ground & deepen your sensuality

Private Facebook Group to connect with other women on the path and get support


Women who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and get into their divine and wild feminine radiance

Women who have channeled lots of energy into others and are ready to make space for themselves

Women who are done neglecting themselves and are ready to feel nourished and resourced

Women who want to reconnect with their beloved body and feel sexy and turned on again

Women who have put their own pleasure and desire last and are ready to prioritize themselves


Women who have severe, unresolved trauma

Women who don’t have the tools to hold themselves to move through emotional triggers

Women who are not willing to make time for themselves

Women who want a mental approach to being feminine

Women who are not open to exploring the whole range of their natural essence