Feminine Reclamation

Taste Your True Power

Get out of your head. Allow yourself to receive. Experience your full feminine radiance.

“I was successful on paper, but I was in my head and disconnected from my feminine...”

“My marriage had devolved into a highly efficient partnership...”

“I was a badass leader, but was embarrassed about not feeling feminine...”

You are already in your power. But you know there's more...

You have mastered and benefited from the capacities of your masculine power. Maybe you’re smart and you’re ready to own your sexy, or it’s time to open your heart to fully RECEIVE, or you simply have an awareness of a deeper source of INTEGRATED power. Wherever you are, I can promise you there is a waterfall of untapped nourishing feminine bliss & life forcewithin you.

Plug into your natural TURN-ON, receptive sensual magnetism, and infinite range of your radiant feminine expression, through somatic, sensual and energetic approaches to embodiment, as we explore the ‘heroine’s journey’ and discover the power hidden in your shadow.

"The Feminine Reclamation journey was a sensual oasis in the desert of my never-ending To-Do list." -Elena L.

We will explore:

  • Meditations to reclaim your true feminine power and wield it in service of what matters most to you.
  • How to release your judgements & shame around feminine expression, giving yourself permission to be who you are without the “good girl” or “career woman” programing.
  • Transmutation rituals to shift the unintegrated masculine paradigm from within: logic into magic, hustling into magnetism and surviving into thriving.
  • Exercises to shed the over-identification with the warrior-do-it-all-yourself archetype, making room for your feminine to RECEIVE & RADIATE from within.
  • Step-by-step guided practices to create a safe space for the feminine to open and journal prompts to reflect and integrate your insights.



Prior to this course, I showed up one way - 80-90% in my masculine. While my professional life was successful, I was feeling disconnected. I was starting to see my marriage as a highly efficient partnership. Through this work, I learned to find and appreciate my feminine. I have a better understanding of what my feminine needs, and why I need (and want) her. I feel like I have much more depth as a person, and more power and fulfillment as a woman.
I now have a deeper understanding of feminine archetypes, and can recognize when and how they appear within me and how they affect my reactions and choices. I have grown beyond getting stuck in frustration; I feel empowered to pull from all parts of myself, reverse course without apology, or simply be amused by the beautiful mess of it all. My creativity and manifesting ability has gone through the roof.
-Paige R.
Entrepreneur & Recovering COO
"I found Jamie's course through my desire to step more fully in to my feminine power and reclaim my erotic nature. I have been living more in a masculine state and wanted to tap into this delicious feminine sensual power. I learned how to fall in love with this side of me and let it shine bright rather than suppressing and hiding it; thinking it will garner too much attention or bring shame. I brought my feminine forth in my everyday life. I feel more in tune with my body and my pleasure. I am so grateful for this work and excited to continue and go deeper. I cannot recommend this course enough; if I was able, I would sign up every woman in my life for these learnings. It is beautiful."
Kelly K.
Cell and Gene Therapy Specialist
This course ignited something in me that was yearning to come out, it just didn't have the language, forms of expression or safe container to do so. It allowed for every corner of myself to not only be thoroughly exposed, but held, nurtured, seen and most importantly, given the chance to begin to heal.

Being someone who is constantly concerned about how I am seen and perceived, in a way that is destructive, limiting and suffocating, this course set in motion what feels like liberation and emancipation for the rest of my life. I am excited by the woman I will continue to evolve and expand into as I grow and lean into this work over time.
-Dani D.
Grief Counselor
The shadow work in this course was like opening a gateway into a world where I could better understand the feminine, and how to love myself with unconditional passion. It is not about “fixing” anything…..it is about leaning into each part of my feminine soul, celebrating HER in all of her magical glory and empowering myself and other women to explode in orgasmic radiance as we journey through this unlocking of feminine power together!
Shauna B.
Speech Pathologist
When I looked at what path was right for me to begin Jamie's work, it was obvious that the Power path was my way in. I had just stepped down from the position of CEO of a company I’d been running in New York City for ten years and I knew I was capable of doing anything I wanted to do, but had zero signal on where to go next. I knew how to make it as a woman in a man’s world, but I was paralized at the idea of just being a woman with the freedom to create anything she desired.

This course was like riding a rocket back home. I feel clearer than I’ve felt in years. I feel more resourced and more grounded. I can see choices and ways forward that were not available to me before I began the journey of the Awakened Woman.
Co-founder Meet Your Magic
I struggled with knowing how to embody certain different aspects of the feminine.... I also realized I wasn’t embracing my own humanity (and shadow!!) thus not able to embrace other people’s. I now feel so expanded by shadow and embodiment work that I could just cry!

Not only has my capacity to love myself grown, my capacity to love and accept others in their fullness has grown exponentially also. Through the guided practices, I was blessed to experience different ways to feel and embody my feminine. Not just with head knowledge, but with body knowledge also.
Kristen A.
Business Owner




This Five-Module, Self-Led Journey Includes:

Nine feminine embodiment guided audio rituals 

Indulge in hours of mind-gasm videos overflowing with theory and philosophy wrapped in Jamie’s playful cosmic transmissions

Beautifully designed visuals to deepen your understanding of the foundational concepts introduced throughout the course

Weekly Feminine Reclamation Tool Belt practices to support you in living the path of the integrated feminine

Homeplay downloads and Weekly Journaling exercises to ground & deepen your feminine awakening

Private Facebook Group to connect with other women on the path and get support


Women who have been operating in their masculine and know it’s time to awaken the true feminine within

Women who feel open to exploring Eastern, Western & mystic feminine wisdom

Women who are done with obeying socially-conditioned programing about what it means to be feminine

Women who are willing to explore their shadow, their ego, and the ways they have been unconsciously getting in their own way

Women who are ready to take ownership of their desire, turn-on, and feminine awakening


Women who have severe, unresolved trauma

Women who don’t have the tools to hold themselves to move through emotional triggers

Women who are unwilling to let go of internal egoic structures that are holding them back

Women who are not interested in connecting with their erotic feminine and opening their heart



This five-week course will be released in February 2021. Sign up now to receive at 40% discount.

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This training is for single women or women in partnership who desire to embody their organic feminine attractor field, hold clear boundaries, & receive fully.