Lit up, turned on, integrated woman

A curated 6-month deep-dive virtual container facilitated by Jamie

2-hour bi-weekly zoom sessions: Wednesdays at 4:00 pm PST - January through June 2023

A supportive, private group of 13 resonant women who are ready to go deeper

January 18th, 2023

January 25th, 2023

February 8th, 2023

February 15th, 2023

March 1st, 2023

March 22nd, 2023

April 12th, 2023

April 26th, 2023

May 10th, 2023

May 24th, 2023

June 14th, 2023

June 28th, 2023

*All calls are recorded and replays sent out

Upper-limits are shattered in this sisterhood of epic women.

Join other women like you, who are walking the initiatory path of becoming an Awakened Woman and who want to experience a supportive allyship, committed to celebrating and learning from one another’s authentic feminine power and magic.

Through Jamie’s facilitation and musing, experience the multi-faceted diamond of your turn-on and gently liberate your wildly-sensual-sex-tiger from her cultural cage while holding reverence for the sacredness of your body and your pleasure.

“Jamie will tell you the truth no one else with. She sees through your patterns to your essence. She holds you, while you learn to hold yourself, and love all parts of your humanity into wholeness.” -Jana H.

This space of permission is filled with tools for the turned-on woman...
  • Discover how to share your wants, needs and desires without demanding, nagging or pushing others away
  • Let perfectionism die, stop self-abandoning and     censoring/dimming/managing others experience of you
  • Reconnect your spirituality to your sexuality and tap into the mysterious power of the erotic feminine genius
  • Receive alchemical ritual practices to make love to all the parts of yourself you thought weren’t lovable or worthy
  • Identify and dismantle the unconscious ways you shut down your pleasure
  • Unpack your shame inventory – release shame about sexuality, power, being a woman, having needs, being too much or not enough and more
  • Put an end to dull, lack-luster relationships
  • Learn how to identify your internal victim triangle and transform it into a vital part of your support system
  • Learn guided Tibetan Buddhist, Taoist, and other mystic energy cultivation techniques that supercharge your ability to transmute difficulty into resource and harness sexual energy



My intention for this course was to cultivate a deeper relationship with source, to reclaim and take ownership of my power. When I started, I felt lost and powerless, with so much shifting internally and externally. The unraveling tools Jamie provided in the beginning helped me move through so much stuck energy, of fear, rage, grief, insecurity, unworthiness. The accountability, fierce and unconditional love, and support that Jamie provides helped me find my power in the middle of those chaotic times. I will forever keep using those tools. Another big transformation I experienced was overcoming my 'good girl and obedience' conditioning. That runs deep within me, but I have gained much more awareness of when and how she holds me back from living and embodying my erotic innocence. I always appreciate the raw, honest truths that Jamie reflects back to me and the group to support our evolution. The breakthroughs I experienced were just amazing, I am forever grateful.
Gisel L.
Nurse Practitioner
“I felt shut down, and my life was reflecting it. It seemed like every time a door peeked open, it immediately closed again. So many moments of feeling confused and not knowing which way to go. So much dissatisfaction. So much physical and emotional discomfort. So much fear and distrust. What I found through Jamie was not just a door, but a portal within myself. I am a different human now. After being immersed with Jamie for 6 months I can honestly say I have never experienced such a large amount of growth in such a short period of time. I have an overall sense of well-being without wobble, which is translating into more clarity, better choices for myself, and a more balanced life. And, a deep appreciation for the sensual, erotic aspects of existence. Mastery of the moment. Sensuality is not something I have to hide or struggle to access anymore. I finally feel ready to start stepping out into the world as who I really am.
Faye C.
Real Estate Appraiser
“I came to work with Jamie after years of exploring different sexuality practices in meditation, Shamanism, multiple group courses and a private retreat with big name people in the field, only to still feel blocked. I KNEW inside me that there was so much more there for me. For some reason it wasn’t showing up and I was missing it.

I came away from the group feeling a LOVE for the dance practices. For the first time in my life I had a way in. It’s repeatable and accessible to me any time I want to tap into it. I feel more deeply embodied. I feel more comfortable being seen as a sexual being and in my own powerful feminine energy. I feel more of a sense of trust in myself and the information I receive through my body. I feel more flow and fluidity and a letting go of rigidity, especially in my body. It’s like it’s unfreezing. I’m undoing 50 years of closing and disconnection to access more and more love for my body, listening to it and allowing my powerful energy to show up, be felt and be seen. It’s a game changer. Life is totally different from here. I’d work with Jamie again in a heartbeat. It’s that powerful.”
Dr. Maureen M.
Holistic Psychiatrist
My whole life has been upleveled by working with Jamie. I came to her with a readiness to shed an old skin and step into my power, and experienced nothing short of a quantum leap in my career, marriage, and creative life. Her masterful facilitation, innovative practices, and adept acuity in tracking the inner landscapes supported me to unhook from patterns I'd been working on releasing for over a decade. I was struck by how ingeniously she designed and sequenced the content of the program, delivering something truly original that was brought ever more to life through her deeply embodied, finely-attuned presence. I consider Jamie to be a pioneer in the field of women's embodiment... wherever she goes, awakening is bound to erupt.

Jamie gave me the most exceptional gift-- a way to come home to myself. Through this container I have accessed a vastly wider range of my power, and opened the door between my deepest heart and the world. My life is opening in every direction with an abundance of pleasure, purpose, and flow, all a direct result of the process and practices Jamie so masterfully designed and facilitated. She models feminine leadership exquisitely, and is a true pioneer in embodied awakening.”
Amma Li Grace
“When I met Jamie I had just received an awakening of my erotic energy, and it felt like so much power... I was terrified of it. After familiarizing myself with her work I had a deep knowing that she was the guide the Universe had connected me with to help integrate this awakening. I'd been "working on myself" psycho-spiritually for almost 10 years and had hit a hard limit in my growth. I felt like my husband and I were strangers to one another (on an emotional level and in the bedroom), I felt disconnected from my daughter, and I felt disconnected from my sensual body. Jamie guided me on a deep embodied journey, recovering aspects of my erotic self that were the missing pieces to feeling free in my body and deeply connected to my life and journey once more. The tools she's given me have not only transformed me– but have changed my relationship with my husband. Beyond having a much more exciting time in the bedroom, we've never had such a deep emotional connection. I am so much more in tune with my body, my desires, and in complete trust of them; I have felt a resurgence of energy to integrate my lessons into entrepreneurship once more; and my daughters (we're having a second!) have now become the reason. I'm excited to go DEEPER in both sex and life! Thank you, Jamie!!”
Sidney O.
Entrepreneur & Mother
"As I’ve matured (61 years young!), I found that my feminine energy and sensuality had dissipated. I wanted to reignite my essence and rekindle my desire. Jamie’s course was the answer and I’m thrilled with the experience. I had learned to be sexy or erotic for my lovers at the expense of myself. I reclaimed my femininity, fell in love with myself, and found my inner sacred goddess. Through the course I received permission to play full-out to find my inner essence through sensual dance, ritual movement, and guided meditation. I’m listening to my inner goddess and expressing my feminine needs in a new way. I feel more connected to my desire. So instead of playing the “role” of a sexy lover, I am fully immersed in feeling my body connect to his body in a spiritual erotic kind of way instead of the physical routine that played out previously in the bedroom. Put it this way, since the course, our love-making is out of this universe!
Lori W.
Philanthropist & Volunteer
"Since I took my last course with Jamie I have grown so much. There was a part of me living in my shadows. I felt stuck in "my flaws'', my bad decisions and their consequences. It was easier to ignore and avoid all the feelings and emotions around my shadows, but I knew that I owed it to myself to do some inner work in order to heal. Jamie leads by example and with authenticity, and I learned how to tune in, how to go deeper without falling apart, how to be there with me and for me, how to be in unconditional approval and love for all parts of me and connect with the most honest desires of my heart. I recommend learning from/with her. I still do and I'll always be thankful for the impact of her work in my life.”
Belen M.
Lawyer in Mexico
"I entered this container with no idea on what to expect. The experience of being part of a strong feminine community was so fulfilling and enlightening… and the way we supported each other - I have no words to describe. Discovering my feminine and setting her free, has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The opening of my heart to self love, the freedom to just be, to feel, to be comfortable in my own skin. I am forever changed. This new energy attracted the most amazing man into my life. We have deep intimacy and passion. Our connection is from out of this world, the freedom in our intimacy is pure magic. So different from anything I have experienced. Thank you Jamie for this gift."
Carla R.
Project Engineer
"The most valuable gift I received through this container was permission to engage with and experience all aspects of my feminine self. Jamie and this group of women created a safe space to allow and encourage all feminine energies to flow. In that space I experienced and witnessed the immensity of my own power, alongside the beautifully strong power of the other women. Resistance and idleness have been hard to fight through. I’ve learned to give myself permission to continue to engage where there is resistance. And that feels like the journey I have just begun. Now I’m witnessing how my ‘erotic muse’ shows up naturally in everyday situations. My work is to keep giving myself permission to let my feminine show up fully in those moments."
Sara K.
“My journey with Jamie has been profoundly transformative. Jamie has this divine gift of creating a safe space for deep raw inner processing, seeing, and embracing. I learned much from the other women’s journeys in my group over the 6 months, and was surprised by how such deep connections could be formed virtually. Jamie helped me see through my limiting conditioning, which was holding back my full expression in life. She helped me connect with the innocence of my desires and the truth of my boundaries. I ended the experience feeling more connected to myself than ever before and it’s lasted. Now I understand on an embodied level what it means to love yourself.
Dandan C.
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This Six-month, Full-Spectrum Journey Includes:

Laser-facilitation and musing from Jamie in exclusive PRIVATE telegram group thread only for your group of 12 women group

1 zoom session every 2 weeks for 6 months, led by Jamie. (Sessions include: relevant transmission, embodied practice and precise group sharing

Connect with your erotic power and your receptive heart through guided weekly rituals

Exercises to reprogram the patterns and beliefs that sabotage your natural sensuality, ability to receive, and erotic freedom

Morning ritual tool belt practices to ground & deepen your feminine embodiment and create lasting transformation

I give myself Permission


This five-week course will be released in February 2021. Sign up now to receive at 40% discount.

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