Sex. Magic. Cervix.

Awaken the Oracle Within

Discover the art, science, and mysticism of orgasm

“I was so connected to my pleasure already, I knew there was more but I didn’t know where to go...”

“I had never experienced an orgasm without my vibrator...”

“I was constantly calling partners that could not meet me in my sexual expression...”

Whether your orgasmic journey
has been one of smoking coals or full-blown fireworks, you have a cervical oracle within that is longing for you to taste the full-range of your orgasmic capacity.

Through a blend of ancient temple arts, modern neuroscience, tantric ritual, quantum mechanics and Taoist philosophy this course is designed to deepen your connection with the multidimensional nature of your pleasure.

It’s like yoga for your yoni and feng shui for your orgasm.

We will explore:

  • The secrets of having transcendent cervical orgasms that create sustainable ecstatic flow states.
  • How to energetically tone and open your vagus nerve pathway so that you can have consistent full-body orgasms.
  • Rituals to de-armor your clitoris, vaginal walls & cervix to dissolve barriers of tension, pain and numbness so you can experience life-changing, multiple orgasms instead of one-and-done.
  • How to direct your orgasmic energy into manifestation, receive your unique wisdom codes and channel your cosmic gifts.
  • How to unlock infinite erotic possibilities with a partner.



"Sex.Magic.Cervix is like a masters degree in all things orgasm. So much incredible information that really satisfied the science-y nerd in me, delivered in such a fun and accessible way. The guided rituals were profound in their ability to help me reach new levels of awareness of my own body and my capacity for pleasure. This course really showcases Jamie's extremely deep knowledge, passion and experience in the realm of all things sex. Practicing with these tools is all I need to reach the "holy grail" of cervical orgasm. I became whole and there’s nothing more powerful than that. I can't recommend this program enough."
Elizabeth C.
"Since the Sex. Magic. Cervix. course, I have had the best cervical orgasms! So beyond clitoral orgasms I used to have. I’m sexually fulfilled. It's AH.MAZ.INGGG. The content in each module of Sex. Magic. Cervix. is full of incredible knowledge, playful humor, and the most beautiful meditations that guide you through yoni and cervical de-armoring. After just a few weeks of practice, I am thrilled at what has transpired. Before taking this course I had no clue how to orgasm without a vibrator. The course material has guided me to experience tears, cervical orgasm, laughter, release of tension throughout my whole body. It's so beautiful to have this kind of connection and deeper love for myself."
Amy P.
"A whole other level of appreciation, pleasure and genuine love for my body came through my practice in the Sex. Magic. Cervix. Course. Jamie has a way of lovingly guiding you and encouraging you forward through the online modules, videos, meditations and rituals; I loved that I could keep going back to them to gain new levels every time. I found areas of tension and pain I didn’t even know I held within my physical body; attending to them with love and breath allowed a release — and also levels of orgasm — I had never felt before. The wonderful thing is that there’s never an endpoint to the “wave” orgasm. I’m continually finding new levels of love for my body. The energetic flow from these rituals injects every other part of my life with a hum of delicious desire."
Jennifer G.
"Jamie’s online coursework never ceases to amaze me. It takes me to places beyond my expectations. The course work in Sex. Magic. Cervix. is no exception. It’s part technical science and part energy magic. I think because it’s presented via video, writing, and embodied practice, it is very easy to understand. In her videos, Jamie says what she knows you are thinking during inevitable awkward moments (which is entertaining and reassuring!). The rituals are deep, energy-tapping, soul-finding, and pleasure filled. I have completed this course with a deep inner knowing of the power, magic and pleasure of being a woman."
Paige R.
"The Sex. Magic. Cervix. Course was incredibly eye opening, deeply insightful and surprisingly reaffirming of an inner knowing I have been craving to embody. Time and time again I go back to the course work, and each time I gain something different as each time I am different, yearning for more, and always finding it in the depth and dimension of the knowledge and transmission Jamie has to offer."
Dani D.
Grief Counselor
"This deep dive into sexual energetics was so potent there is almost no words to describe it. After a year of intentionally being single and celibate to heal from past relationship patterns, a process in the early weeks of this course catapulted me into manifesting a healthy relationship that has allowed me a much wider and richer experience of sex and pleasure. My capacity to hold pleasure in my day to day life and open to experiencing love is beyond what I could have ever imagined. I have a much wider and richer experience of sex and pleasure. The cervical dearmoring process released trauma and tension and allowed me to reconnect to my ability to have cervical orgasm. This course opened me up to experiencing energetic orgasm and holding deep orgasmic waves.

Jamie held a truly magical container with this course, the unfolding through the weeks in my life are almost unbelievable. This container is nothing short of a deep and profound remembering of the beauty and power of being a sexually liberated woman."
Rebecca F.
Women's Empowerment Coach




This Five-Week, Full-Spectrum Journey Includes:

Nine de-armoring and erotic awakening audio-guided rituals

Indulge in weekly mind-gasm videos overflowing with theory and philosophy wrapped in Jamie’s playful cosmic transmissions.

Beautifully designed visuals to deepen your understanding of the foundational concepts introduced throughout the course.

Weekly fundamental Sex Magic Tool Belt practices to aide everyday living the path of erotic enlightenment

Homeplay downloads and Weekly Journaling exercises to ground & deepen your new orgasmic experiences

Private Facebook Group to connect with other women on the path and get support


Women who are ready to have a spiritual awakening and know that her sexuality holds the key.

Women who feel open to exploring sexuality and self-pleasure practice.

Women are are done with a fast food sexuality and ready for gourmet erotic truth.

Women who are willing to explore the full potential of their orgasm, which may include: full body multiple orgasms & life changing cervical orgasms.

Women who are ready to take ownership of their pleasure and orgasm.


Women who have severe, unresolved sexual trauma.

Women who don’t have the tools to hold themselves to move through emotional triggers.

Women who think their pleasure exists as a performance for someone else.

Women who feel sex is purely phsyical and don’t want to connect their spiritual and sexual nature.



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