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Jamie Elizabeth Thompson

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A bold reclamation of your full feminine range & a permission slip to be an unapologetically turned-on woman.

The paradigm of obedience impacts the lives of every woman on the planet. It limits the range of authentic feminine embodiment and expression.

In this paradigm, a woman being disconnected from her erotic power source may seem normal, but many women are realizing that it has never felt quite right, and is not deeply fulfilling.

In this Temple of Permission, we invite in a new paradigm where the heart, the body, and the erotic are a holy trinity.

We dispel the myth of separation of the ‘Madonna’ and the ‘Whore’, and heal the divide between heart and pussy, unlocking greater access to innate feminine power & body bliss.


You feel an unexplainable resonance with the frequency of Permission

You have a desire to reconnect with your sensuality

You want to liberate more of your feminine range 

You are ready to trust the feminine wisdom within you

You sense there is something here that you left behind,
and you are ready to reclaim it

You are ready to unlock the bliss of being a turned-on woman


In this temple we welcome and delight in the ‘taboo’ aspects of ourselves as our wholeness. We honor erotic-life force as our divine birthright.

Transmission from Jamie

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Frequently Asked Questions...

If you don’t know me yet and you’re not a clear yes to join, I recommend checking out my content on Instagram and Facebook to feel into your resonance before you join.

Emotionally mature adults who want to doing this work with other adults. There is no guru here to save you. This work is intended for those who are committed to living a life beyond victim consciousness – who are willing to look at patterns that are not serving them as an aspect of their behavior, not who they are.

If you have severe unprocessed trauma it’s recommended to seek somatic therapy or other healing modalities prior to doing this work.

To participate in the live event – yes. If you are more than 5 minutes late you won’t be let in and you will be emailed the replay.

It’s requested you be on video and have your name on video at the beginning of the call. You may turn it off later if you choose.

Yes! Only one person per zoom room please. Each participant will need to enroll separately and attend via their own personal device.

No. By registering for this temple, you agree to keep this recording for your private viewing and not share it with others publicly or privately. 

The recording of the virtual temple will be sent out to all registrants after we complete. The replay may be shared with future Virtual Temple registrants. Personal shares will never be shared publicly, outside an Awakened Woman container.


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