The Cervical De-Armoring Wand



Cervical orgasms are the deepest, most powerful and pleasurable orgasms a woman can have. They are known as the “holy grail” of orgasm. This cervical de-armoring wand is specifically crafted for vaginal and cervical de-armoring, releasing vaginal tension, and unlocking the potent potential of your pleasure.

The round and bulbous end of this wand is designed for general de-armoring. The narrow, ribbed end is crafted for tension spot release. This wand is longer than most wands, and has an “S” shape, designed specifically for your comfort while accessing deep, internal spots. 

Say hello to your multi-orgasmic potential.

Product Description

  • 1 x glass pleasure wand for cervical & g-spot stimulation
  • Best for performing a healing self-yoni massage & de-armouring the vagina
  • Dimensions: 25cm long x 3cm (bulbous end) x 2cm (thinner end)
  • Velvet silk-lined pouch for safekeeping
  • Discrete packaging
  • Sustainably sourced and shipped globally from Calgary, Canada

Wand Features

  • Safe for your body
  • Non-porous and imperfection-free borosilicate glass
  • Serpent-like shape & curled handle for easy insertion and removal
  • Curvature makes it easy to reach the G-Spot & Cervix
  • Long length for ease & comfort of use – no need to awkwardly angle your wrists to reach certain spots!
  • The ideal wand for internal de-armoring
For a comprehensive understanding and step-by-step process on how to de-armor your cervix and awaken your orgasmic potential, check out the course: Sex. Magic. Cervix.

De-Armouring Your Cervix and Yoni

The ancient Taoist practices of de-armoring and sexual reflexology support the process of releasing sexual shame, numbness and tension, enabling the free-flow of energy and allowing for more pleasure, bliss and orgasm. 

Fundamental to the proper erotic education that we never had, de-armoring is ideal for reconnecting with our bodies, relieving tensions and supporting the healing of sexual trauma stored in our sexual centers. 

Once they have a proper de-armoring ritual, most women experience deeper, more multi-dimensional orgasms, enhanced full-body pleasure, more pleasure during sex, and overall natural wetness. De-armoring is a cornerstone of the embodiment of your full erotic potential.

How Does Cervical De-armoring Work?

“Sexual reflexology” is said to release tension and congestion in major organs from inside the vagina. Stimulating specific areas in an intentional way can release physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages. 

Similar to other reflexology modalities, when pressure is applied to specific areas along your vaginal canal and on your cervix it acts as a “trigger point” to release tension from that spot, and other connected places in your physical or emotional body.

Is Cervical De-Armoring For Me?

De-armoring may work wonders for you if:

  • You experience vaginal numbness or disconnection
  • You have experienced trauma or micro-traumas
  • Self-criticism and low self-worth are a part of your personal narrative
  • You can’t relax during foreplay and sex
  • You experience pain or contraction when something touches cervix
  • You cannot orgasm vaginally
  • You desire to access non-ordinary states of awakened consciousness
  • You are experiencing low libido

Dissolve Tension And Pain & Awaken To More Pleasure

For a comprehensive understanding and step-by-step process on how to de-armor your cervix and awaken your orgasmic potential, check out the course: Sex. Magic. Cervix.

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"My yoni feels completely different after this work. So much sensation. After doing the de-armoring practices with the wand my cervix is multi-orgasmic."

- Jess M., Business Owner

"What I really love about this wand is the unique design and shape. One end for cervical de-armoring and the other end for cervical & g-spot orgasm. One wand that can do both is delicious!"

- Brigitte H., Non-profit Director

"The cervical de-armoring wand is a unique shape that is ideal for releasing tension from the cervix specifically. Listening to Jamie's guided transmission audio of how to use this wand is like dropping into a DMT journey."

- Jana H., Self-employed