I created this 'behind the kimono' membership for the woman who resonates with my content and wants to tune into the real, raw channel.

Direct Access

Due to the censorship insanity on social media my accounts could be shut down at any time. Some people say they don’t always see my posts due to the algorithm.

I can’t say everything I want to say there anyway. I’m acknowledging that one day I may not be on social media at all anymore.

In this Telegram community I share raw, unpolished musings and transmissions that won’t ever make their way to instagram. 

If you love my content, this is the best way to stay in my orbit in these changing times.


  • Early access and incentives to containers and courses not offered outside this space
  • Flash sales on containers and courses not offered outside this space
  • Go deeper on my posts with video explanations I’m not going to share outside this space
  • Guidance on how to apply the things I share on social media in your most important, intimate relationships
  • Video snippets of me working with other women like you, in areas of sex, intimacy, love and relationships
  • Q&A access to me in a more private space where we can speak openly

Awakened Woman

Telegram Community

The Awakened Woman Telegram Community is currently waitlisted for registration. If you’d like to be notified when a re-vamped telegram group re-opens, please submit your email below.

Awakened Woman

Telegram Community


$ 9
per month
  • Early Access & Incentives
  • Flash Sales On My Programs
  • Guidance On The Work
  • Other Women On The Path
  • Q&A Access To Me

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